About Us

Meet the Designer

Nicole de Gale McIntosh, Founder and Lead Jewelry Designer of NIKKIBIEDES, was raised between St. Lucia and Grenada, two treasures in the Lesser Antilles. From a tender age, she was cocooned by lush landscapes and calm bays filled with azure waters under a blue sky. It's no wonder this stimulating environment led to an inherent desire to self-teach and harness her mother's creative genes.

Her brilliant ability to layer beads is what she became known for among Islandistas, giving birth to her brand name NIKKIBIEDES. Her rebellion against societal pressures and her pursuit of an unconventional career, saw her join the flourishing industry of Caribbean designers making a name for themselves Internationally. She loves nothing more than sharing the beauty of her homelands and the vibrancy of her culture and heritage through her work.


Launched in 2015, NIKKIBIEDES creates handcrafted jewelry, that conjures up a feeling of joy, love and enchantment. NIKKIBIEDES is style, sophistication and affordable luxury for women who delight in experimenting with fashion.

NIKKIBIEDES is fun - an ode to the timeless classiness of wearing pearls but with a twist. Each piece is inspired by a life well-lived, whether it be immersed in the Caribbean sea or trailing the coastlines of Corfu. From akoya and freshwater pearls to semi-precious stones be prepared to be romanticised by chic collections that are comfortable yet impactful. To own and wear NIKKIBIEDES is to embrace freedom, empowerment and big dreams… that come true.