Care Instructions

As all of the items on our site are meticulously hand crafted, there may be slight differences, markings and/or inclusions on all stones, metals and finishings – such as tool marks, uneven surfaces, slight colour variances and minor flaws. Please take this into consideration when purchasing from us. Please note that colours and finishes may vary slightly from the actual product shown due to differences in your computer monitor or device  

Treat your jewelery with love and care! All collections for Nikkibiedes are designed and handcrafted in Barbados using the highest quality of craftsmanship. Here at Nikkibiedes we focus on longevity of each piece. It requires handling with care to remain in original condition; when swimming in the ocean or swimming pool rinse jewelery with fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt water.

With a little care the durability of the jewelery will be extended allowing you to get lots of wear and to enjoy your beautiful pieces from us!

Please note that all product featuring natural stones are very precious and need to be handled with the utmost care. Dropping causing damage will not be considered a fault and will not warrant a refund.

After wear, please ensure jewels are stored in a safe, dry place that is preferably flat, out of direct light, free from moisture and away from any extreme heat. Please ensure each piece is stored separately, to prevent any scratching or rubbing from contact with other jewels and to become entangled in other pieces of jewelery.